About Global Health Record Services

GHRS Pvt. Ltd. is a Electronic personal health record service company that helps you to create your personal healthcare records through a convenient and secure online portal and access your record from anywhere in the world. Our unique GHRS Pvt. Ltd. medical record retrieval service does the work of retrieving your healthcare records for you. We contact your doctor, organize and digitize your healthcare records then upload them into your own secure GHRS account safe and simple.

GHRS Pvt. Ltd. Electronic personal health record is one of the most important life documents you’ll ever own because it is a comprehensive summary of your medical history. As it's also very easy to create GHRS Pvt. Ltd. record you can do it from anywhere, from office, home, abroad. Medium can be used are, Desktop, laptop, digital pads, smart phones etc.

GHRS Pvt. Ltd. creates Electronic personal health record for you by using our exclusive Electronic personal health record retrieval software .Simply fill out our online medical record request and release from and our retrieval specialist will contact your doctor, clinic, or hospital directly to request copies of your medical records on your behalf. After retrieving your records, GHRS Pvt. Ltd. will organize, digitizes, and upload your records directly to your GHRS Pvt. Ltd. account. You can assured your records are being safely handled by the one of the premier medical record retrieval company in the world.

Advantage Of GHRS Services

Imagine you are enjoying a vacation away from your home and you suddenly experience a health complication. It is almost impossible to quickly and accurately provide vital medical information to the medical care providers. This is a real scenario. GHRS Pvt. Ltd. Electronic personal health record service solves this problem by centralizing all your important health information in a secure document that is easily accessible to you and authorized medical care providers anytime anywhere in the world by your unique ID Number.

Having a personal electronic health record can be lifesaver. In an emergency you can quickly give personal vital information such as a disease you’re being treated for, medications you take, drug allergiesecto your doctor. Record and track your progress toward your health goals, such as lowering your Cholesterol level, Blood pressure Blood sugar etc.

GHRS Pvt. Ltd. Electronic Health Records aims to be the vital source of knowledge that arms your doctor/s with critical information about you. The more they know about you, the better can they treat you, hence having anywhere anytime access to your most critical medical information can go a long way in helping your doctor/s ensure that you are treated in the best possible way, without wasting time and resources. Bring our unique service to your doorstep

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What Our Client Say about our services....

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    A click gives you a capsule of your entire medical history which can travel to your doctor at a supersonic speed. A wonderful concept indeed.

    Brian Wagner,ENT Department

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    A unique concept where your entire medical history is before you with a wink of your eye. Your doctor will be at ease also

    Jullia Robert,Skin Care

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    Very systematic; a super attempt; the brevity and concise medical record will save even seconds which are important for saving life.

    John Doe,Dental Care

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    A bunch, a bouquet of medical history. Time factor is crucial in medical emergency. Before you reach hospital, your record is already there.

    Jullia Robert,Skin Care